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e-motion combines active mobility with therapeutic benefits. Sensors on the push rim measure the drive movement while in motion and the electric motors integrated in the wheel hubs provide the corresponding power assistance. This provides targeted relief for muscles and joints and very little strength is required to move independently with the wheelchair, especially on slopes or downward slopes. The driving behavior of the e-motion can be individually adapted to the needs of any wheelchair user in just a few easy steps.

Key product advantages at a glance

  • Fits practically all commercially available wheelchair models
  • Silent, highly efficient motor technology with 40 Nm torque per wheel
  • Power assistance up to 8.5 km/h*
  • The standard version is one of the lightest add-on drives with only 7.8 kg per wheel incl. batteries
  • High range up to 25 km
  • Long battery service life thanks to the latest lithium ion technology
  • Individually adjustable sensitivity of the sensors on the push rims
  • Individual adjustment of the driving parameters via smartphone app**
  • Alternative selection from four pre-defined driving profiles via a free smartphone app
  • Two assistance levels per driving profile
  • Additional learning mode for beginners
  • Rollback delay allows the safe handling of slopes and ramps
  • Clever additional functions per smartphone app, such as Cruise Mode* (Maintains a permanent speed even on slopes or downward slopes)

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