About us

Our history

Coming together in its present form in 2006 the Rehabilitation Centre was born out of Anelco Mobility, originally set up as a wholesale-only company importing specialised mobility equipment from Europe. This remains our core business to this day.

We are constantly looking to add high-quality, high-value mobility products to our range.

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Our vision

We are a customer-focused organisation committed to providing exemplary service as we work to improve the quality of our customers’ lives.

As an organisation:

  • We value and are committed to delivery of customer-centered service
  • We are committed to ensuring the delivery of quality equipment and services
  • We will strive to provide timely delivery of all goods and services
  • We value and respect the rights and needs of all our clients
  • We are committed to ensuring a balanced work/life style for all participating team members of TRC
  • We value and promote continuous learning and improvement
  • We are committed to individual and organisational accountability
  • We will maintain and uphold ethical practices
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