GIGANTEX a leading brand name in the business of high performance sport bicycle and accessories with high quality carbon frames. 

More about Gigantex Products

Gigantex develops different epoxy resin systems, from high-impact resistance, ultra stiffness to high Tg system, to fit varieties of product needs. To ensure the conformity of the resin system on each batch, each batch of resin system is tested in our chemical lab with the following procedures.

    1. Gel Permeation Chromatography ( GPC ) : To certify polymer molecular weight and molecular weight distribution.
    2. Differential Scanning Calorimetry ( DSC ) : DSC offers typical thermal analytical measurements to realize resin chemistry/morphology behavior such as melting point, glass transition point, thermal dispersion path, crystallization behavior, etc.

Fibers, Resins and Impregnation Process

Carbon fibers are majorly from Toray and Toho. They are pricy yet for their higher and stable quality, it is a must. The minimum requirement of tensile modulus for our products is from 24 ton and with some extreme design it is even required a higher grade as 50 ton. For some products that do not require specific strength to weight ratio, lower grade carbon fiber such as T300 from Toray and TOHO from TFP are also used. To us, there is no so-called “premium” or “inferior” product or material; it is just a matter of how you, our valuable customers, wish your products to be like.

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