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Every single step becomes an obstacle when an illness or handicap stops you climbing the stairs on your own: at home, at the surgery, in public buildings or when visiting friends and family. The mobile stair climbers from Alber – scalamobil and scalacombi – remove the obstacles from your path.

Two electrically driven pairs of wheels continually climb one step after the next – upwards and downwards. This is ensured
by a gentle yet reliable climbing mechanism – patented by Alber. When descending the stairs, four safety brakes stop scalamobil and scalacombi automatically at the edge of each step. The carer selects the direction and speed. When scaling the stairs, he or she only has to keep the stair climber in balance.

The product benefits at a glance:

  • Also able to cope with narrow and spiral staircases – at home and elsewhere
  • Functions on any floor covering – whether wood, stone, metal, or carpeting
  • No damage to stairs or floor covering
  • ErgoBalance grips for safe operation with minimum exertion
  • Climbs up to 300 steps with a single battery charge
  • With integrated safety sensors

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