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The concept of the e-motion DuoDrive is ingeniously simple: You can combine the DuoDrive drive wheels with almost any standard wheelchair using two adapters. While moving, sensors built into the push rims measure your drive movement and provide you with the desired motor power. So this allows you to move, steer and brake your wheelchair with very little effort. In doing so, you protect your muscles and joints and always reach your target safely and relaxed. The e-motion DuoDrive has two assistance levels for indoor and outdoor use and the driving behavior can be individually adjusted.

With the e-motion DuoDrive, you have the option of covering longer distances without pushing on the push rim in Cruise Mode. You only have to steer via the push rims, the drive unit does the rest. This means that you have two types of drive that you can switch between at any time, depending on your needs. And it‘s easy to do with the wireless DuoDrive control unit.

Cruise mode is particularly beneficial when…

  • You run out of power and get tired on the road. The e-motion DuoDrive always brings you home safely.
  • You have to manage slopes. The e-motion DuoDrive can handle almost any slope and you can reach your target relaxed in Cruise Mode.
  • You are unsure on downward slopes and would like to have a brake assistant that maintains a preset speed.

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