The specialist for portable, versatile and user friendly power add-ons for wheelchairs. Simple to understand, simple to operate, simple to transport – simply mobile.

The right movement exerciser for every stage of rehabilitation. Achieve your therapeutic objectives with our range of devices and a number of solutions for daily activities to maintain your health. 

By listening attentively to wheelchair users and wheelchair specialists, we developed an innovative wheelchair together with them. Gradually, a wheelchair arose that is a merger between rolling and sitting: a Hopper!

GIGANTEX a leading brand name in the business of high performance sport bicycle and accessories with high quality carbon frames. 


SMOOV was developed by a team of entrepreneurs, operating as a separate start-up, within Alber Gmbh, world leaders in power assist and power add on devices for wheelchairs.

Cheelcare 01

A unique mobility solution from Cheelcare. The Companion boasts a sleek, minimalist design that’s pleasing to the eye and simple to use. A power-assist that lets you go more and do more. Disconnect and reconnect in seconds.

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